“Every choice is political”

Aleksandra Paszkowska, friend and mentor.

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Marie Van Gils is a purely Belgian lingerie label.

Inclusive and adaptable

The aim is to offer lingerie that meets the needs of women: their shapes, their lives, their ethics. Marie Van Gils produces designs that mould to the body, cuts that caress its curves and embellish without reshaping.
A woman’s body is not set in stone – it evolves every day and month as a function of cycles, time, stress … Therefore a smart system of elastic adjustments allows you to adapt your apparel at all times to fit your shape.
The size range on offer is wider than that of other brands, from 36 to 48 in diameter and cup sizes A to F in the regular collection. Other sizes are available upon request.

Belgian and handmade

Each item is hand-crafted in Belgium, from the initial design to the final product.
Marie Van Gils’ creations are designed, drawn, printed, and assembled in her workshop in Ixelles. Each collection is the result of a long research and design process aiming to promote Belgian design in the world of intimate apparel.
The goal is to create semi-bespoke lingerie made in Belgium.

Sustainable and local

Our creations reflect today’s concerns, and are designed to have the smallest possible environmental impact and biggest possible local impact.
Fabrics are chosen from high-end deadstocks, to give a second life to exceptional textiles. Custom screen-printing with patterns drawn exclusively for the collections is then done in Brussels.
All the other components, including elastics, thread, metal fasteners, and packaging, are selected from European suppliers.
Local production also enables us to easily modify items of lingerie to meet our customers’ needs (semi-bespoke principle).

“Lingerie tames the body. It is not for seducing others through an image – you are the subject of your own seduction. Its structure protects your body, whilst its openings reveal it.”