“Every choice is political”

Aleksandra Paszkowska, friend and mentor.

logo mvg

Marie Van Gils is a purely Belgian lingerie label.

Marie created her brand in 2014. She draws inspiration from strong concepts, which are rarely fully grasped by the world of intimate apparel. We refocus on the human body in its true form. Our cuts caress its curves, and embellish without reshaping it. We have abandoned commercial lingerie codes to focus on the essentials.

We use luxurious materials, predominantly of Belgian origin and always European.

Our ambition is to offer you innovative, handmade lingerie with meaning as well as a modern and sensual look and feel.

Our work ethics guide us in all our decisions, from creative choices to partner selection.

“Lingerie tames the body. It is not for seducing others through an image – you are the subject of your own seduction. Its structure protects your body, whilst its openings reveal it.”