Agatha Collection

Agatha Christie, the best-selling and most translated novelist in the world. The lady of gripping storylines who revolutionized detective novels with a brilliant idea: any character could be the culprit!

Already a qualified pharmacist in 1917, this woman was also a keen writer from a very young age. She decided to make writing her full-time occupation, guarantor of her independence. In 1926 she mysteriously disappeared for 12 days, only to be found in a small Yorkshire hotel. A complete blackout… what happened during this period? No one knows, amnesia struck and the mystery remains to this very day.

The scene is set. The British author mingles subtle elements taken from her private life and pure inventions to plunge us into her enigmas. Her investigations are carried out with surgical precision and delivered with sharp writing. She brings life to her famous, atypical Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple. Miss Marple! Finally, a lady detective. A woman who shines and dominates situations, not because of a flawless appearance but by the genius of her brain. An old school heroine and yet quintessentially modern, breaking with the common clichés of beautiful brainless bimbos, to our great delight.

Photos: Pauline Caplet

Special thanks to Full Circle Brussels.